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In many ways, the cabinets you place in your kitchen are the most important single element in the space. With great cabinets, everything else can come together, both functionally and visually. Unfortunately, the opposite is true – even if you do everything else right in the space, cabinetry problems can leave you feeling disappointed in the finished product.

To get your cabinets just right, custom is the way to go. With custom cabinets, you can be sure the space will be maximized, with every available inch of storage room being utilized to its full potential.

Beyond the practical performance of custom cabinetry, you’ll also get great visual appeal from Long Island kitchen cabinets that have been carefully designed and created by experienced professionals. Take a moment to get in touch with BNJ today to learn more!

For Great Kitchen Cabinets, Design Is Key

As is the case with many parts of a kitchen build or remodeling project, the design phase is going to be critical when it comes to your custom cabinets. Taking time in this phase to get things right will pay off in a big way in the long run. As cabinet designers, BNJ will be happy to help you understand the various elements you might want to consider in the final design, and we’ll work hard to create a vision that you love for the space.

Striking the right balance between crowding the room and having enough cabinets to store all of your things is something that an experienced designer can help you achieve.

Some of the areas where you’ll want to include cabinets will be obvious, but the design phase can help you decide if a couple of extra cabinets should be fit into the space, or if those extras would be too much. We’ll bring our many years of industry experience to this task to help you make your final design choices with confidence.

Installing Your Long Island Kitchen Cabinetry Correctly

Beautiful new custom kitchen cabinets can be a focal point in your home, but they need to be installed correctly before that will be the case. Remember, kitchen cabinets hold a significant amount of weight when filled up with dishes and glasses, so good installation is essential. The strength of your cabinets not only depends on their overall quality when constructed, but also on how well they are installed.

This is again where working with BNJ will allow you to rest easy during your project. We have installed countless cabinets in kitchens all over Long Island, New York, so you can be sure that this is a task we have down to a science. Your cabinets, once installed, will be perfectly level, aligned with one another, and firmly attached in place. Without any installation errors to distract from the space, the beauty of these new wood cabinets can shine through for all to appreciate.

Let’s Get Started Today!

If there is one slight drawback that can be said about custom cabinets as compared to prefabricated cabinets, it’s the additional time that custom cabinetry takes to create. Of course, we firmly believe that time is well worth it in the end, but these kinds of projects aren’t completed overnight.

With that in mind, getting started right away is in the best interest of keeping your project on track for a satisfactory conclusion. If you plan to use custom cabinets in this kitchen project, reach out today to BNJ to discuss the job and how you see it all coming together. Even if you think there is more than enough time right now, it’s never too early to get started.

We can work together with you to establish a timeline for the job and go over the steps that will be required to get from where you are today to a finished set of beautiful cabinets that are hanging in your brand-new kitchen.

It’s the experience of BNJ that you’ll be able to lean on throughout this process to make sure you get precisely what you want in a set of new custom kitchen cabinets in Long Island, NY. We have built our solid reputation one customer at a time and we’ll be sure to continue that trend with you. Thank you for considering BNJ and we hope to hear from you soon!

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