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The Elegance of Porcelain Can Elevate Your Project

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Get to Know Porcelain

To be sure, porcelain doesn’t come with the recognition in the world of countertops as other, more popular picks like granite and quartz. It’s not that people aren’t familiar with porcelain, of course, it’s just that this isn’t the first option that comes to mind when planning a counter project.

So, what would porcelain bring to your space if you opt for this material as your new counter of choice? Perhaps surprisingly, you’ll get many of the same performance benefits as other top counter
options, including heat resistance, simple maintenance, durability over time, and beautiful looks. If you are aiming for a high-end, luxurious feel for your space when remodeling or construction is done, porcelain should be high on your shopping list.

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It should be said that you will often need to spend more initially on porcelain counters than many other choices. However, the lasting, attractive nature of the product makes it worth careful consideration, as this is a one-time expense that you’ll get to enjoy for a long time to come. Take a look at your overall budget for the project, figure out how much of that budget can go toward counters, and then decide if porcelain makes sense as a consideration.

Is Porcelain the Best Countertop Option?

It’s not as easy as saying that any one material is the “best” countertop option for a given project. Granite is still a great pick, of course, and quartz has picked up popularity in recent years for good reason. When going through the process of selecting the right countertops for your project, don’t get hung up on what is best, but rather think about what is the right choice for your circumstances.

There are plenty of variables that you’ll want to think about when trying to decide on a countertop material. Budget is going to play a role in every purchase, so that’s a good place to start. Figure out how much you can spend on this part of your project and then determine which of the popular counter materials will be aordable in your situation. From there, you can think about things like available colors, performance features, and more. If you need help with the selection process, the expert team at BNJ is standing by and ready to assist.

What to Expect on a Countertop Project

Every project that we handle starts with a pre-design process that you can think of as a “getting to know you” phase. We want to know our customers, understand what they need, and figure out how we can best serve them on this project. This is a step that not every countertop contractor is going to take, but we think it is essential to do great work on each and every job.

With a detailed understanding of what you like and what you want, we can go to the drawing board and finish up a design for the job. In some cases, the design will be quite simple and straightforward – but it might be somewhat complex and technical in other situations. Either way, nothing moves forward until you have confirmed that you like the design and are ready to head to the next steps. Those steps are the fabrication of the countertop, followed by the delivery and installation of the finished piece or pieces. When all is said and done, you’ll come away with a stunning porcelain countertop without any of the stress or fuss that you might have dealt with if you hired another contractor.

BNJ is the Easy Choice for Porcelain Slabs

We understand that you have plenty of options as far as who you will trust for a porcelain countertop project.

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