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Quartz countertops have enjoyed a tremendous boost in popularity in recent years, and for good reason. With so many performance advantages to go along with great looks and a fair price tag, there is a lot to love about quartz.

It’s certainly worth your time to consider all of the various counter options on the market, but don’t be surprised if you keep coming back to quartz as the one that serves your needs in every category.

Quartz Countertop Offering Durability and Style near me

To get the results you desire from a Long Island quartz countertops project, work with BNJ on this job. We have decades of experience in this field and will be able to properly fabricate and install the ideal counter for your needs. When the job is done, your kitchen will be worthy of a showroom, and the kitchen counter will serve you and your family well for many years to come. Get in touch today to learn more.

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Why Opt for Quartz Countertops?

There are plenty of materials to consider for your new kitchen countertops, with granite being one of the leaders in the industry. To be sure, granite is also a great piece, and BNJ is proud to offer those types of counters to our customers, as well.

If granite isn’t quite right for your project, however, you’ll love what quartz delivers. A quartz countertop brings all the look of natural stone without the sometimes lofty cost that causes homeowners to look in other directions. Not only will your quartz counter look great, but it will stand the test of time – when treated properly, you can expect to get many years of reliable service from this type of counter without any loss of visual appeal.

Invest in quartz countertops for a modern Brookhaven, NY home

The cost savings factor is one that can’t be ignored when considering a quartz counter. While this is still a high-end, quality product, it typically comes at a significantly lower cost than quartzite or a slab of another natural stone like marbl.

If you’d like to keep tight control over the budget for your kitchen project while still getting results that you can love, it’s hard to beat the total package that quartz delivers.

Hiring the Right Installers is Crucial for a Kitchen Countertop

From the outside, installing a kitchen countertop might seem like a pretty easy task. You just set it on the cabinets and secure it in place, right? That’s the general idea, but there are plenty of little details that need to be handled correctly for the counter to stay in place and serve the home well over the long run.

The best thing you can do when hiring installers for your kitchen countertops is to pick an experienced team. There are tricks learned along the way in this business that simply can only be mastered with time and practice. BNJ has been working with customers on Long Island for more than 30 years, so you can be sure we’ve learned our fair share of things along the way. The end result will be a counter that is firmly in place on your cabinets, properly leveled, and ready for you to enjoy with family and friends. Don’t trust this project to an inexperienced contractor when BNJ is here to do the work!

Versatile and stylish quartz countertops

Creating the Perfect Quartz Countertops

Before quartz countertop installation in Long Island can be completed, the counters will need to be fabricated to meet the specifications of the project. Fortunately, you don’t have to find another partner for this task, as BNJ can take you from start to finish on the job. We’ll walk you through the process of selecting the right size, shape, and look for your quartz counters, so you can look forward to receiving something that is precisely what you had in mind.

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